Statutory Services

Statutory Surveys and Related Services

ClassUMB has been recognized and authorized by five government Administration to act on their behalf to conduct surveys and issue certificates in accordance with International Conventions and Codes as well as national requirements pertaining to ship safety and the prevention of marine pollution. Please contact ClassUMB for more information.

Major International convention and codes directly relevant to the surveying and cerification activities of ClassUMB including the following

  • International Convention on Load Lines (ILL)

  • International Convention for the Safety Life at Sea (SOLAS)

  • Convention on the International Regulation for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREG)

  • International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from the Ships (MARPOL)

  • International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships (ITC)

  • International Safty Managment Code (ISM Code)

  • International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)

  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

  • International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship's Ballast Water and Sediments (IBWMC)