Code of Ethics

    1.      PREAMBLE

The continuing existence of the Universal Maritime Bureau (UMB) depends on its reputation for competence and integrity. Anything detrimental to UMB’s reputation for integrity and competence must be avoided.

With high regard for the surveying profession and recognizing in the Code of Ethics, a set of principles to guide his service to his fellowmen, a member of Universal Maritime Bureau.

The observation of the Code of Ethics is applicable to UniversalMaritime Bureau (UMB), hereinafter called as “UMB

A surveyor or auditor must always be made to realize that all his activities aretaken as indicative by UMB.

2.      GENERAL

2.1    Integrity

UMB reaffirms its commitment to the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct.

UMB shall strive for honesty and fair dealing throughout the world and shall not engage in any practice which would conflict with BELIZE's GOVERNMENT Law. UMB shall, within the bounds of the standards set out in the foregoing sentence, seek to act in a manner that is compatible with the legal, economic and social practices of each locality in which UMB operates.

2.2   Credibility

Each Surveyor/Auditor shall refrain from any improper or questionable methods including theuse offalse, incorrect, incomplete or tendentious information in soliciting work and shall decline to pay or accept commissions or gifts.(Each Surveyor / Auditor shall not use unethical means to obtain advancement nor shall it injure others in the marine community).

2.3   Independence

The surveyor/auditor shall not engage in any activities that may conflict with their independence of judgment and integrity in relation to their statutorycertification and services. Also, shall not be the designer, manufacturer,supplier, installer, purchaser, owner, user or maintainer of the item subjectto the statutory certification and services, nor the authorized representativeof any of these parties.

2.4   Impartiality

The Technical staff shall be free from any pressures, which might affect their judgment inPerforming statutory certification and services.

2.5   Confidentiality of Information

UMB, as far as practicable,shall consider all submitted information including certificates,survey report and other technical, commercial or strategic information to be proprietary and contents or copies shall not be made available to another party without the authorization of UMB.

2.6   Issuing Documents without Appropriate Action
No surveyor/auditor shall issue,stamp or endorse Statutory certificates, Class or other documents without performance of the respective surveysor audit and/or the required appropriate actions and without an authorization granted by UMB.

3.       Conduct

UMB shall at all times strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

3.1    Compliance with Laws and Regulations

3.2    Services

3.2.1      UMB shall offer its services in accordance with sound business and ethical practices.

UMB shall compete on the basis of survey and technical services to the marine industry without lowering its technical standards or compromising its mission of promoting the security of life and property on the seas and the natural environment.

3.3    Conflicts of Interest

No UMB employee shall have any investment in, or enter into any relationship with (including the acceptance of commissions or gifts from) an outside party that conflicts with the best interests of UMB, unless such conflict is disclosed to and approved by UMB in accordance with terms set forth in the UMB Code of Ethical Business Conduct.


4.1    General

With respect to agreements with other Classification Societies, UMB shall act ethically, honestly and in accordance with all applicable antitrust law principles, and shall maintain and observe a competition law compliance program at all times.

4.2    Dual Classification

UMB shall always act in good faith, in accordance with the terms of any dualclassification arrangement with another Classification Society (when providingservices to a vessel dual classed with that Classification Society).

4.3    Unauthorized Services

Do not perform inspections or issue certificates unless authorized by the Head Office to do so. Making sure to comply with the regulations stated on the rules, Procedures, handbooks, national and international regulations as required.

4.4    Investigations into Ship Casualties

UMB favors participation in formal investigations into casualties on ships it has classed.

Further more, UMB will consider accepting an invitation to participate in other formal ship casualty investigations when required to do so by law or a formal request by IMO or the formal investigation body.

A formal investigation shall be considered to include those carried out by the flag Administration or by another government otherwise involved,or an investigation performed in lieu of, or taking the place of, such investigations.

Requests for participation in formal investigations into ship casualties shall be forwarded to the UMB Principal Survey or or Technical Director, asappropriate, for determination.